Squeezo History

History of the Squeezo

Here's what we know. Squeezo was invented at the turn of the 20th Century by an Italian die maker from the Abruzzi region of Italy. This young man came to the USA around 1907 and eventually setup shop in the Pittsburgh PA area, eventually building a facility near McKeesport PA where he and his family produced the first Squeezos.

That was 1919. Slowly but surely, the Squeezo built a reputation until, by the thirties, it had become a favorite in Italian-American kitchens for making wonderful old-country tomato sauces and purees. Others heard about it, and started using it for home canning. The same family – two entire generations – made the Squeezo for nearly 50 years, constantly upgrading production and quality control as more and more Squeezos found their way into kitchens across the country. 

In 1978 misfortune struck and the factory in McKeesport, Pennsylvania was destroyed by fire. For various reasons the family was unable to rebuild the factory – they had to sell the business. Garden Way, located in Troy, NY, was a natural choice as a buyer as they had already been selling Squeezos successfully for several years. Garden Way was also a lawn and garden tool manufacturer, and they re-engineered the Squeezo and began production in Thailand. Thus the Garden Way Squeezo was born.

In Squeezo's heyday Garden Way built thousands of Squeezo Strainers. In many places, the purchase of a Troy Built lawn mower or other yard machine included a Squeezo as a free gift.

Garden Way built the Squeezo until it closed its doors in the 1990’s, at which time Lemra Products took over manufacturing the Squeezo. Using Garden Way's engineering drawings, Lemra brought the Squeezo back to the USA, finding partners in the USA to build every component. Lemra produced the Squeezo for the next ten years when it was acquired by Best Products. Today, Best Products has made a commitment to uphold production in the USA with the level of quality that has also been associated with the squeeze and the materials used to make it. The design has stayed the same for the past 30 years and will continue to be the same – our parts will fit the Squeezo you purchased in the 1980’s and parts will always be available.